Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Private US Proxies – maintain internet anonymity

Privacy and personal security is not sacrosanct in the online world. People cannot afford to take them for granted. The prospects of phishing or cyber stalking are real and present dangers that net users face on a daily basis and there are no automatic solutions available. Everything that we do on the internet is a footprint that can be exploited by the unscrupulous and it is therefore important to take precautions. The only way to safeguard privacy is by taking measures to cover the online footprints. The easiest and most convenient method for internet anonymity is using private proxies for browsing.

proxy diagram

When we use the internet to browse a site, we are directly establishing a connection between our computer and the server on which the site is hosted. This seemingly simple process belies the amount of privacy that we forego. Now that server knows our geographic location through our IP. It also knows what browser we use. By monitoring the browser, the server is also able to know what kind of sites we browse and can even monitor our private transactions (if it so chooses!).  It can spy on the number of times we login to the computer every day; it can collate all of this information and use it to target us with ads or even sell this information to another unscrupulous entity.

Internet users are virtually handing over their online privacy to every site they visit and it is up to those sites to maintain integrity. That is a scary situation because we do not have any control over our own privacy. This situation can be easily offset by using private proxies. When we use a proxy to browse a site, we are establishing an indirect connection. The proxy server acts as an intermediary between our computer and the site server. The site cannot actually see our details nor can it leave cookies to track our logins. The proxy gives us the benefit of anonymity and luxury of online safety.

When people start browsing anonymously, they are also negating the malicious efforts of cyber stalkers. Cyber stalking is on the rise and its repercussions are often traumatic (sometimes even tragic). The internet has emerged as the biggest mode of personal interaction (networking) for people. Facebook, Twitter, emails, etc, are a way of life for us and stalkers spy on this exchange of private information. Social networking sites are hotspots for online creeps and their primary method of stalking is by tracing the IP of potential victims. Using a private proxy can completely negate this method and coupled with proper social networking etiquette, online stalking can be completely eradicated.

The word ‘proxy’ invokes a mixed response with internet browsers. Many people think that there is no need to use a proxy, unless some kind of ‘cloak and dagger’ stuff is involved. They will be surprised to know that the reality is the exact opposite of what they think. People who use proxies, do it to protect their privacy and safeguard their personal information online. It is time to spread the word and make people understand the real benefits of proxies and their usage.